The Story of Us

How did a single mom from Florida cross paths with a goofy guy from the exotic state of Ohio and land on the big island of Memphis TN.? We never would have imagined when we met that we would have taken the path we have but somehow we have ended up exactly where we are supposed to be to get us to where we are going and our little family is determined to enjoy the journey together.

Mary was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up on the Gulf Coast of the Panhandle of Florida.  As a child Mary enjoyed climbing trees (that she often could not get out of) and making mud pies.  Growing up we always had a garden and something was always being planted.  On a few acres of land my parents had grapes, an assortment of fruit trees and mixed produce.  As you do when you're young this was mostly taken for granted at the time and the real value of my surroundings at that time was not appreciated until I was much older.

Hunting and fishing was also a way of life, but as a teenager the thought of pulling the trigger led to twelve years of vegetarianism.  Working at a food cooperative during this time gave me a better understanding of the value of local organic food.  At that time it was not even imaginable that I would end up as lucky as to have a family farm in Tennessee.  I earned degrees in Psychology and Nursing and began my career as an RN.  

While born only a few hundred miles away from Mary, Bruce grew up in Central Ohio.  As a young child Bruce enjoyed running around neked in his natural habitat of his neighborhood.  When he grew out of that phase (were not going to tell you when that was), a passion for the outdoors replaced his nudist tendencies.  Living in the mountains of the Southwest during his college years further fueled his desire to be in the outdoors.

As life has a habit of detracting us and diverting us on a different path, the outdoors would have to wait. Following college where Bruce earned a degree in Biology and a Masters in Business he began his work in scientific, medical, quality/regulatory, and operations positions.  It was not until the past few years that he decided that it was better to live life now and follow his passion to be outdoors with the dirt in his hands.

While Mary was living and working at a hospital in Florida and Bruce was traveling everywhere with his work in the transplant industry they were set up on a blind date.  It was love at first sight.  They quickly realized their desire to become a family.  Bruce was moved to Memphis with his work and soon after Mary and Sophia joined him.

We discovered our shared joy in being in the outdoors and on one of many weekend drives through the country decided to start looking for a little piece of land in the country to be a getaway.  Mary was thinking a few acres on the river or off the beaten path somewhere.  Bruce was obviously thinking on a much larger scale.  We began discussing our shared vision of one day retiring and moving to the country.

I'm sure most people can relate to those moments of reflection when you start questioning where you are and what makes you happy in life.   The conversations became longer and more serious in regards to our plans for the future.   We unknowingly stumbled upon something that would change our lives.  

Our first thought was to find an escape for the weekends, something we could get back to what we valued most, our family.  We began looking in the counties near our home for an area to purchase some land to build our getaway.  Most people would think that a nice five or ten acre getaway would be perfect!  


I will spare you the details but, our small family getaway turned into a 138 acres farm.  The idea that when we retire we will live our dream and farm vanished. We decided now is the time to live our dream. I fell in love with the farm the first time I laid eyes upon it.  While it was obvious the farm had not been used in many years, the potential for greatness was there.  On our first trip to see the farm, as we drove through the forest of grass and goldenrod, we crested the highest point on the land.  As we progressed over the hill my eyes gazed upon the surroundings.  The realtor was in constant chatter of selling points, Sophia was yelling about bugs but it was the most peaceful place I had ever been and we knew immediately it was the place our dreams could come true.   

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