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Farmer Bruce (Farmer)

Farmer Bruce has been farming in his mind all his life. His caring nature is always evident in his work on the farm.  Bruce is constantly driven to use his creative talents to conceive and engineer tools that make life on the farm easier and more enjoyable for all who reside here.

Rain, shine or snow Bruce can be found in the fields or checking on the animals that we share the farm with.  If it's dark you may find Bruce harvesting veggies or if the temperature is in the single digits he may be in the back pasture checking on and tending to the livestock. Bruce lives by many life lessons learned one of which is, work smarter not harder and the second and Mary's favorite is to take the road less traveled, while the journey may be trying; the destination is always worth it.

Farmer Mary (Farmer)

Mary has the hardest job at Lazy Dog Farms. On top of actively growing, planting, tending to livestock and being the creative genius behind many of our products and marketing, she has to keep us on track.  She works tirelessly to ensure that we provide the best possible product to our customers.  Her favorite tasks at the farm are selecting the plant varieties and planting. Her least favorite task is weeding, but then again who actually likes weeding. 

Farmer Sophia (Director of Fairy Relations)

Sophia is a dedicated member of the Lazy Dog team.  She makes the fine art of digging in dirt look effortless. Many at the farmers markets may know Sophia for her vast knowledge of pies and unique way of connecting with customers and making a sale.

On farm Sophia makes daily rounds checking on farm animals and digging in dirt.  Why dig in dirt? Well, for one it's fun and second it's how she supplies the fairies with magic fairy dust to fly.  If this duty was not daunting enough Sophia also collects and sorts various natural building materials such as rocks and sticks to construct fairy houses.  Sophia will be the first to let you know that a fairy will only reside in a home made of natural materials so of course you can see the value of this task in keeping good fairy relations.

Sophia's unique perspective on the farm is invaluable and in all honesty she has a better grasp of the workings of the farm and the value of all the animals we share Lazy Dog Farms with than most six even seven times her age.

Farmer in Training Wyatt (Executive Observationalist)

The newest of the Lazy Dog team Wyatt is in constant observation of his surroundings.  You never quite know what Wyatt is thinking or what he may do next.  A man of mystery Wyatt always keeps us all on our toes.  The occasional perceived glances of disapproval have the Lazy Dog team working hard for the future of Lazy Dog Farms.  

Hank the Tank (Chief of Security)

Walking Tall in McNairy County

Hank has always known he was born for greatness.  From the first time he set paw at LDF he took control. When he is not pimpin with his peeps, he can be found roaming the neighborhood looking for trouble.  With an opposing stature and vicious bark Hank the Tank has successfully protected his critters since his arrival.  In his past time he enjoys playing with his buddy Otis and following Bruce around the farm.

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