Ordering and Delivery

The low down on how to order and get our products delivered.

Did you know you can now order most of our great products from our store on our website and have them reserved for you at market or one of our many convenient delivery locations?

Somethings to know before you order:

  • We currently are not accepting payment online at the time of ordering.
  • Most items are priced per item, but some items such as the cuts of pork are priced by weight.  It is impossible for us to know the exact total this would be as all cut weights are different.  The price given is the price per pound with the average pounds per cut in the description.
  • Orders are filled in the order they are received.  There may be instances when items are available in the online store but may be sold out.
  • Habitual missed or cancelled orders may result in the request for prepayment for orders.

Once you have selected the items and quantities for your cart you can view your cart and checkout by clicking on the "View Cart"  .

Next you have the option to determine your pick up location.

The regular weekly delivery is on Thursdays.  If ever in doubt of the delivery date due to holidays please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that on the Thursday delivery route, we are only at each location for the designated amount of time. 

If you are reserving items for pick up at market please select Saturday market for your pickup.  Please check our calendar to ensure which market location we will be at on Saturdays.


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