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Lazy Dog Farms offers a large selection of made from scratch Pies, Jams and Jellies.  Many of our recipes come from the crazy mixed up mind of Mary or Bruce while some are old recipes passed down from family and friends.  

Our seasonal Grandma Taylor fruitcake for instance is made by Grandma Chechak and is a recipe that is over a hundred years old and has been passed to her from Grandma Taylor.  Once thought to be lost after her passing the recipe was luckily discovered in an old drawer and the family tradition can carry on.  Following its popularity this past Holiday season we will be taking orders this year for the fruitcakes.  Keep in mind the fruitcakes marinate in liquor for a few months so orders will start in the summer.

Our Pies are made completely from scratch down to the dough.  It is much more time consuming and definitely worth it when you taste our pies.

Admittedly we do not have an orchard at Lazy Dog Farms so many of the fruits that go into our Pies and Jams we do not grow so in that case we make every effort to source local fresh and in seasonal ingredients.  

We attempt to allow the true flavors of our product to shine through. We keep it as simple as possible by not adding any preservatives or food coloring.

We appreciate pre orders of large pies and will deliver them to market.  

Like our preserves and want them for a gift, wedding or other event? We will be more than happy to do custom orders for many of our recipes with a minimum order.

Please email us at or call #731-434-4072 with orders or questions.

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