Heritage Pork

Antibiotic and Hormone Free Forest Raised Pork


The Berkshire hog is one of the oldest identifiable hog breeds.  The breed originated in the region of Berkshire, England approximately 350 years ago.  Berkies are a hardy breed that performs well on pastures and woods. Berkshire meat has a darker color with rich fat marbling, which is prized for its flavor and juiciness.

Our Berkies at Lazy Dog Farms are 100% Pure Breed.  We are currently working on raising breeding and feeder stock.  We have two gilts Lucy and Ethel and their boy toys Ricky and Fred (both of the gents are registered) Lucy and Ethel are expecting piglets this month.  

Our piggy’s are NOT organic.  Our pigs graze in open pastures and primarily in the woods on our farm, which is organic.  They are kept in designated areas by simple electric fences.  Our piggy’s have access to spacious range houses which provide the means to move them from one area to another.

We supplement feed our pigs with a custom blend feed ration that does not contain antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our pig rations contain diatemacious earth which provides a natural worming effect.  The pigs enjoy a surplus of produce from the farm and acorns from the many oak trees on the property. The berkies are part of the rotation on farm. When fields are not in rotation for  produce they are being grazed by pigs or the chickens or planted with cover crop. When there is a surplus of milk from the pastured Jersey cows on farm we share with the pigs, it is seemingly the favorite treat for the pigs.

The simple answer on why we are not pursuing raising organic swine is because of the lack of a local organic large animal processor.  

We have our pork processed at a local Tennessee USDA inspected facility.  Our flavorful pasture raised Berkshire pork is available at farmers markets and on farm sale.

If your interested in a whole or half hog please let us know. 

Please contact us at farmer@lazydogfarms.com or 731-434-4072 if your interested in having us raise a whole hog for you.

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