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Modernization of our agriculture system has created a landscape of vast fields of single crops that would not survive without the constant influx of life support given them such as synthetic chemical fertilizers and herbicides.  Industrial agriculture is designed to produce mast quantities of limited types of foods cheaply.  With this farming practice variety and sustainability are thrown to the wayside.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer, consumer, and community.  This relationship is a locally based economic alternative to the commercial agriculture system within the US.  When you join a CSA you are committing to share the risk and reward with the farm.  By joining you give the farm access to capital during a period of traditionally low revenues, but high expenditures.  This investment of money allows the farmer to purchase seeds, inputs, feed, livestock and equipment for the upcoming year.

The CSA model comes in various shapes and sizes.  CSA Shares are delivered on a regularly scheduled basis, usually weekly or biweekly to a convenient location for pick up.  Shares may be various sizes to best serve the farmers customers.  Farms may offer various types of shares including produce, meat, and dairy shares.  Often shares may be complimented with additional add on products such as adding a dozen eggs to a produce share.   Money that is spent on a CSA remains locally within the community.  Locally produced products are generally fresher, more nutritious and have less of a carbon footprint then those purchased from big box stores. The CSA membership allows consumers to develop a direct and personal relationship with their farmer.  This relationship creates a greater understanding of whom and how your food is produced.  


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