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Food Safety

Posted 1/22/2014 7:23am by Bruce Scarberry.



No were not expecting again, this is one of the test strips from the conference on producing Human Pathogen Free Strawberries.  The researchers at TSU are working on making a cost effective field assay to determine the presence of Salmanella, E. Coli O:157 and Listeria in strawberry samples.  In as little as 15 minutes a result can be had.  

As food safety and security come to the forefront of our food supply, tests like these will be indispensable to not only producers, but also consumers.  As part of their research they tested samples of strawberries from three sources including Walmart, Kroger, and a local farmer in Morgan County, TN. The imported strawberries from Mexico sold by Walmart developed a positive test result in four hours.  The strawberries from California supplied by Kroger developed positive results in 20 hours.  Finally the locally produced fresh strawberries took ELEVEN days to develop positive results!

While there are multiple hypothesis for the results including lack of sanitary conditions and practices. there is a clear divide on the differences between produce that is shipped in vs. locally produced foods.  This difference is only realized if the locally produced food is handled appropriately.

We are working on implementing harmonized GAP (Good Agriculture Practices and Good Handling Practices) process into our farm.  As we build our washing, packing and storage faility we are attempting to mitigate the risks and provide the safest produce to you and your family.

If you have questions on food safety or the steps we are taking please feel free to get the dialouge started.




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